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  Donation Terms!

     - Donating is a way to support our gaming foundation.
     - All donation items are account items that are tradeable.
     - All donations made are non-refundable.
     - Donation items will not be reimbursed due to player errors, such as deleting characters with items, abusing bugs, sharing account information, and other undisclosed or unmentioned methods.
       It is your responsibility to keep track of your items and avoid losing them.
     - Donation items will not be returned in the event of an account compromise, including scams by other players, downloading keyloggers, unauthorized account access, or account bans.
     - A chargeback through PayPal or an unauthorized donation will result in your account being frozen until the issue is resolved.
     - Once a donation has been processed through the website, it becomes the property of DarkWay CO.
     - Ownership of donation items or donation credits does not entitle you to any special privileges or preferential treatment.

To contact [GM]Dark[PM] directly on the phone, you can try reaching out to him via his phone number: +20 1147351425.
Alternatively, you can try reaching out to DarkWay Game Crew on our Discord server.

You can claim your item from Market (187,170).

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