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Welcome to DarkWay!



For a smooth gameplay follow these next steps:

Step №1

Create a Game Account

Create Master Account in the Account Panel.

Step №2

Download and Install Game Client Then Choose Your Jump Style

Download the DarkWay Conquer Game client on your computer.
You can choose any link from buttons below.

Client size : 604.79MB

Choose Your Jump Style

The new jump style is our default option, but you can download the old jump patch if you prefer.


Download Old Jump Patch, Then Extract It Into Game Folder


Download New Jump Patch, Then Extract It Into Game Folder

Step №3

Enter the Game

To enter the game, go to root folder of the game and run Play.exe from the /client folder.

  • Please do NOT use any other game client to avoid getting login restrictions which may result in a ban.
  • In Case of Flash Player Errors.

    As you may have heard, Adobe has discontinued Flash Player, and it is no longer supported by them.
    Some players may encounter difficulties launching the game as a result.
    However, you can resolve this issue by downloading and installing.

    It's a common error for all new Conquer Online clients, So make sure to follow these easy steps listed below:

  • Close the game.
  • Download the flash FPPSetup.exe
  • Install the FPPSetup.exe and reboot your computer.
  • To avoid Initializing application error (0x00007b) Our game installer will be installing the prerequisites packages such as C++ Redistributable packages, and the required version of .NET framework. However if you still getting this error, it might be your DirectX is broken or entirely missing. In such a case it is recommended that you uninstall all the versions of the packages (Visual C++ 2005, Visual C++ 2008, Visual C++ 2010) and then reinstalling them along with the DirectX

  • If you are receiving a "repair required" message from the Launcher right after you installed it, That would be either your antivirus has marked some files as virus and deleted them or even your installation was not completely done. However, We highly recommend you to uninstall the game through Control Panel > Programs and Features. Then re-installing it using our Installer again.
  • In case of any other problem related to starting the game please contact [GM]Test[PM] via our Discord server.